About Us

Est. April 2009

Our Mission Statement

Yavapai Tea Party is made up of citizen-residents of central Yavapai County, Arizona.

We have joined together to advocate for limited government, for fiscal responsibility in government, for protection of our U.S. borders, for free and fair-market competition and for the adherence, by our elected representatives, to the principles, rules, laws and provisions contained in our federal and state constitutions

Yavapai Tea Party is a non-partisan group. It is neither sponsored nor funded by, associated with or beholding to any specific or selected individuals, political party(s), or business organization(s). It does not officially endorse, solicit funds for or donate to candidates.It does not share the privacy of its membership list with any individual, group or organization. It serves to educate, inform and encourage citizen involvement on issues that affect our American freedoms. It also seeks to interact co-operatively with other tea party or similar groups that share our views, concerns and goalsYavapai Tea Party is governed by the volunteer members of its operating Advisory Board. The activities and events sponsored by the Yavapai Tea Party are primarily funded by financial donations from individuals who are supportive of the work and efforts of the organization. Profits from the sale of items such as books, hats and shirts along with in-kind gifts and services also help with our ongoing financial needs. We do not deficit-spend or sponsor activities that may result in our organization incurring outstanding debt.Our group encourages citizen input, comments, ideas & critique on timely issues which will benefit our outreach-goal, via access through the Yavapai Tea Party Website. DonateYour contribution is needed, appreciated and will be used responsibly to fund the education, outreach and support activities of the Yavapai Tea Party Organization.Please Mail Your Contribution To:Yavapai Tea Party
PO Box 10458
Prescott, AZ 86304
(928) 925-0994(Contributions are not Tax Deductible)